Art/Cultural Links

Regional Museums, Arts and Cultural Organizations:

The California Art Club:

The Pasadena Museum of California Art:

The Irvine Museum:

Pasadena History Museum:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art            :

San Diego Museum of Art:

The Bowers Museum            :

Santa Barbara Museum of Art:

Norton Simon Museum:

American Impressionism:

American Impressionism:

Richard E. Miller:

Emil Carlsen:

Southern California Impressionism:

Calif. Plein-Air Paintings:

Edgar Payne:

William Wendt:

Paul Lauritz:

Hanson Puthuff


Guy Rose:

Arny Karl:

Theodore Lukits:

Sam Hyde Harris:

Orrin White:

Granville Redmond:

Jimmy Swinnerton:

Frank Tenney Johnson:

Benjamin Chambers Brown:

Carl Oscar Borg:

Paul Grimm:

Maurice Braun:

Northern California Impressionists and Tonalists

Xavier Martinez:

Francis McComas:

Gottardo Piazzoni:

Eugen Neuhaus:

Evelyn McCormick:

Charles Rollo Peters:

Armin Hansen:

Giuseppe Candanasso:

E.Charlton Fortune:

Sydney Yard:

Percy Gray:

Arthur Matthews:

Charles Bradford Hudson:

Bruce Nelson:

Mary DeNeale Morgan:



Early Texas Art:

Early Texas Art:

Texas Bluebonnet Painters:

Robert Wood.Net:

Robert William Wood:

Porfirio Salinas:

Jose Arpa:

Julian Onderdonk:

Dawson Dawson-Watson:

Sculpture and Sculptors:

American Sculptors:

James Earle Fraser:

European Art & Artists:

Artists of Paris:

E. Galien Laloue:

Antoine Blanchard:

Eduard Cortes:

Artists of Italy:

Artists of Russia:

Erwin Puchinger:

Art of France:

E. Galien-Laloue II:

Edouard Cortes II:


Luigi Loir:

Antoine Blanchard II:

Ernest Parton:

Appraising Art:

Plein-Air Appraisals:

Fine Arts Appraisals:

Los Angeles Art Appraisers:

Vintage Posters:

Vintage Psychedelic Posters:

Vintage Rock Posters:

Book Review Web Sites:

American West Review:

Motorsports Book Review:

Bicycle Book Review:

Fine Arts Book Review:

Jeffrey Morseburg.Com

Gallery Web Sites:

Morseburg Galleries

Contemporary or Recently Deceased Artists:

Aaron Westerberg:

Jeremy Lipking:

Ernesto Nemesio:

Eric Merrell:

Amery Bohling:

David Gallup:

Steve Foster, Automotive Artist:

Steve Mirich:

Ricardo Carbajal, Mexican Modernist:

Gilberto Aceves Navarro:

Marine Painter David Dalton:

Richard Peterson:

Parker Lee Leibsohn:




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